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Conformity declarations

Fuel Products

70370RE filter

Pressure regulator - PRO - PROH

Self cleaning filters

Solenoid valve SV

Strainer filters 70xxx

Jerk handle valve - JH

Gas Products

Air/Gas ratio control - GAVR - VRGA

Automatic solenoid valves - AMSVxx2

Automatic solenoid valves - AMSVxx5

Automatic solenoid valves - GSAVO

Automatic solenoid valves - GSAVxx/02B

Automatic solenoid valves - GSAVxx2R - 2L

Automatic solenoid valves - GSAVxxR

Compensation joints - GA - GAF

Gas filters - 706xx

Gas filters - 706xx/6B

Gas filters HE - 7068x

Jerk handle valve - JH

Manually reset valves - EV EExd

Manually reset valves - EVMxx/6B

Manually reset valves - EVO - EV

Manually reset valves - EVxx/6B

Manually reset valves - MSV EExd

Manually reset valves - MSVMxx/6B

Manually reset valves - MSVO - MSV

Manually reset valves - MSVxx/6B

On/Off electro-hydraulic valves - GHAV

Pressure governor with shut off - RP1B

Pressure governors - FGD - FGDR - FG1B connection from 1/2" to 2"

Pressure governors - FS1B - ST1B with flanged connection

Pressure governor - ST4B

Pressure governors - FSD/C/R

Relief valves - MS

Slam shut off valves - MB