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Watts Water Technologies Benelux


Watts Industries Netherlands B.V. focuses on the sales of all Watts products on the Dutch market and on the European distribution of all Watts products that are manufactured outside Europe. Another important activity is the development and production of a complete range of water accessories, which are sold al over the world. Thanks to an excellent product quality and a client-oriented approach, Watts Industries has a leading position in this specific market. The delivery program contains backflow prevention valves, accessories for heating and hot-water installations, and valves for industrial applications. Watts Industries Netherlands supplies heating and plumbing wholesalers, water supply companies, Original Equipment Makers and industrial partners.


Watts Water Technologies Benelux
Beernemsteenweg 65 - 8750 Wingene - Belgium
Phone: +32 51 65 87 08 - Fax: +32 51 65 87 20
E-mail: - -


Address Netherlands
Kollergang 14, 6961 LZ Eerbeek