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Watts Water Technologies Benelux


From Schiphol:

Take the A1-highway in Amsterdam and drive (± 80 km) direction Apeldoorn.
From the A1 you take the exit Apeldoorn-zuid/Beekbergen and go left at the end of the exit.
You are now on the “Kayersdijk”. From here you take the first turn on your right and again the first on your right, so that you are driving along the “Apeldoorn-Dierens kanaal” (canal).
At the fourth traffic lights (second in Eerbeek), near restaurant “De Brug” you turn right.
Than you take the first left turn. You are now on the Kollergang, where you can see the Watts Industries Netherlands/Watts Industries Europe building in front of you.

From Antwerp:

Follow A1/E19 in the direction of Breda
Across the border, follow A16/E19 in the direction of Breda, Rotterdam
After approx. 11 km at junction Zonzeel, follow A59 in the direction of ‘s Hertogenbosch
After approx. 14 km at junction Hooipolder, follow A27 in the direction of Gorinchem, Utrecht
After approx. 19 km at junction Gorinchem, follow A15 in the direction of Nijmegen
After approx. 60 km at junction Valburg, follow A50 in the direction of Apeldoorn
After approx. 16 km at junction Grijsoord, follow A12/A50 in the direction of Apeldoorn
After approx. 6 km at junction Waterberg, follow A50 in the direction of Apeldoorn
After approx. 16 km take exit [23] Loenen/Eerbeek
At the end of the exit turn right in the direction of Loenen/Eerbeek
After approx. 450 m turn left in the direction of Eerbeek/Dieren
Go straight ahead for approx. 1600 m until roundabout
At roundabout, go straight ahead (2nd exit) => Loenenseweg
Drive straight ahead (Stuyvenburchstraat). Beware of traffic coming from the right here!
After approx. 1400 m (Shell station to your left) turn right
Immediately turn left in the direction of Brummen => Lageweg
After approx. 500 m turn right in the direction of Brummen (Brummenseweg)
After approx. 140 m turn right (Kollergang)
Follow road, after 25 m turn left
After approx. 75 m you will find Watts Industries Netherlands at the end of the road to your right

Watts Water Technologies Benelux
Beernemsteenweg 65 - 8750 Wingene - Belgium
Phone: +32 51 65 87 08 - Fax: +32 51 65 87 20
E-mail: - -


Bezoekadres Nederland
Kollergang 14, 6961 LZ Eerbeek